3 bad SEO strategies not to opt for

SEO is quite helpful to boost up your business. However, you must opt for good strategies to do so.

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SEO is quite helpful to boost up your business. However, you must opt for good strategies to do so.

Search engine optimization is the most affordable way to get organic traffic. It is free of cost and easy to handle. However, people often opt for the wrong ways to utilize SEO accurately. Google is constantly changing its algorithm to enhance and improve the user experience. It has also updated its policies that would influence the users.

There are so many strategies to improve your business. But let’s check out 3 bad SEO strategies that you should not go for:

1. No Mobile Optimization

Not optimizing your website with your mobile devices is yet another blunder people do. Smartphones are easier to use. Moreover, using websites on mobile devices is the best one can provide. You should optimize your website with a mobile phone if you have not done yet. This is because today, most people use their mobile devices to search for local businesses. 

Google also prioritizes mobile-friendly web pages. Perhaps, it also increases your google ranking of web pages. Google also focuses on mobile-first indexing, meaning that instead of crawling and indexing the desktop version of a web page, Google uses the mobile version.

2. Keyword Stuffing 

Any business in the world requires a Google My Business listing. You should immediately set it up for your business. Google My Business allows people to easily find a business when searching online. A business should only have one Google My Business listing. One mistake that people often do is that they keep on stuffing keywords on Google. Adding keywords to improve ranking is somehow in violation of Google’s guidelines.

3. Zero Customer Reviews

Not getting customer reviews is the foremost mistake one can do. You have to ask customers about your business. It can be done via phone call, email, or face to face. This will make you realize what improvements you should do to boost it. Good reviews stand as a pillar for your business growth. This strategy is trustworthy and authentic. Moreover, a good review also allows you to get potential customers. 

You can post customer reviews on your business website to attract thousands of customers.

Final Thoughts…

Every business, whether small or big can increase its traffic. However, utilizing good SEO techniques is the key to have sustainable growth of the business. By applying simple changes and fixes to your business’s SEO strategy, you can get well on your way towards improving your search engine rankings.