5 movies to watch this December

Feeling bored and looking for some exciting movie this winter?

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Feeling bored and looking for some exciting movie this winter?

Hold back and this guide is for you. Following are the top five movies that are must-watch this December;

Don’t Look Up 

The film features Jennifer Lawerence and DiCaprio surrounded by the story of space and planet killer. The movie is kind of based on a fictional story and is predicting that a disaster is yet to happen. The movie is soon to be released this December.

The Matrix Resurrections

This movie is more like an extension of animated movies of Kung-fu and Trinity. The movie is to be directed by Lana Wachowski without her sister Lilly, and two of the series’ best actors Laurence Fishburne and Hugo Weaving – aren’t returning. Still, the action-packed trailer looks suitably eye-popping, and, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, virtual reality and the metaverse is a hot topic once again. It is expected to be released on Dec 22.

West Side Story

Westside Story is a fairy tale love story just like Romeo and Juliet. It is an attractive movie with a string casting and plot along with Leonard Bernstein’s music. Head to your nearest cinema to watch the movie on December 10 of this year.  

Being the Ricardos

The story revolves around a married couple owning a studio. It is more like a politically motivated involving the concept of communist. The story might attract politically motivated citizens. It will release on 10 December in the US, and on Prime Video from 21 December.


Flee is a Danish documentary and also involves the condition of Afghan refugees. The documentary also unfolds a few aspects of trafficking and displays the truth of the society covered in social evils. Releasing on 3 December in the US is a must-watch.

Get ready to watch all the exciting movies this winter!