5 things your nails say about your health

If your nails are not looking good, it could be more than just missing your manicure.

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If your nails are not looking good, it could be more than just missing your manicure.

In case, if your nails are at the verge of breakage or pale, it tells a tale of health problems. You must visit your physician if you come across any. However, there are a few noticeable signs that indicate health problems. 

Read below a few common issues regarding your fingernails and see what it means:

Yellower than ever

Yellower nails could be because of wearing nail color for a long time. You need to polish your nails if you come across such things. Moreover, yellow nails can also indicate other health issues. Chain smokers also have pale yellow nails. If you have yellow nails because of excessive smoking, consult your doctor.

Horizontal lines across your nails

Deep horizontal lines across your nails are called Beau lines. This is because of malnutrition, specifically zinc deficiency. Other problems include high fever or disease of blood vessels. 

Moreover, a dark horizontal stripe across the nail is because of damage to the blood vessel. 

Clubbed nails

If your fingernails look clubbed it is because of low oxygen saturation. Clubbing of nails indicates a person with a lung disorder. Moreover, it is also a sign of an ulcer, liver disease, or other types of malignancies.

Outward scooped nails

If your nails look like a spoon or are capable of carrying a drop of liquid, then you are anemic. It is a clear sign of iron deficiency or heart disease. Taking iron supplements can overcome this deficiency. Moreover, iron deficiency could also be because of liver dysfunction.

Weak and cracked nails

Brittle thin nails are because of malnutrition. Protein or biotin deficiency can also cause nails to crack. Diet rich in Vitamin B, calcium, and iron is good to keep nails healthy.