6 Healthy Food Trends of 2020

With every new year comes a new trend! 

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With every new year comes a new trend! 

Like long hair back in the ’80s, music in the ’90s, low-rise jeans in 2000s and more. Very same goes with the food trends. However, few dishes seem to be old standby while some nutritious. 

In 2020, we expect this year to be more nutritious and healthy. The foods which are full of proteins, vitamins and nutrition. And with promises like better gut health and higher nutrient-density, adding these so-called healthy foods to your diet may sound like a no-brainer. But not every dish contains an equal amount of nutrients. Hence, we have listed down six healthy food trends you must opt this year:

Mock Tails

Nothing is tastier than a fruity mocktail. The research has shown that people find it difficult to quit alcohol consumption. But now, companies like Curious Elixirs are starting to sell a trend with a booze-free cocktail. In fact, giving a break to your body from alcohol may relieve your organs, especially the liver. Also, another thing that needs to be kept in mind is the amount of sugar you are consuming. Other than that, it is a good option to go with.

Plant-Based Proteins

The perfect option to have a handful of consumption of proteins is the meat of course. However, you cannot be sure about synthetic meat especially if it is to go in the long run in terms of sustainability. Moreover, there seems to be no such difference between processed meat and plant-based protein meat. But you can surely trust plant-based proteins in terms of sustainability. Furthermore, the health benefits of a plant-based are not as much as that of a real thing.

Korean Food

Korean food has become one popular cuisine in the US since last year. Especially, its dish named Kimchi. Kimchi is a fermented dish that replenished bacteria in your guts. Moreover, this dish is rich in probiotics that are one source of protein. 

Oat Milk

Oat milk is an excellent source of beta-glucans that help in maintaining the cholesterol level in the body. Moreover, beta-glucans are heart-friendly and help you to fight against heart diseases. However, it has minimal proteins and fibers as compared to plant-based milk. 


Filipino yam is rich in vitamin C, fiber, potassium, antioxidants and anthocyanin. Ube has become one of the most tasted and posted dishes on Instagram. However, sometimes it is combined with sugar, condensed milk or sweetened milk to make a dessert out of it. But in actuality, the sweetness defeats the purpose of this food item.

Kombucha Beer

Just like Kimchi, it is full of probiotics good for your gut health. Hence, if you are looking for something healthy and alternative to alcohol than you better stick to simple kombucha. The problem with Kombucha beer lies where all bacteria are removed from it before packaging. Due to which, there remains no such health benefit it can provide to your gut.