A hip-fired electromagnetic anti-drone rifle

With the advancement in technology, future wars will be fought with new weapons.

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With the advancement in technology, future wars will be fought with new weapons.

A french company CERBAIR has developed a new army kit for the defense including drones. It is called the hip-fired electromagnetic rifle. A joint multi-agency threat assessment issued before then-incoming President Biden’s inauguration listed drones as a potential threat. Violent non-state actors have already been known to use drones in combat. 

“Although these drones are about the size of a watermelon and may have a range of only a few miles, they still pose a risk,” writes Thomas Braun in his paper Miniature Menace in the journal Wild Blue Yonder. “In the hands of a [violent non-state actor], these small, inexpensive consumer drones are modified into “killer bees” capable of creating significant damage and terrorizing civilian and military populations.”

He also said that ISIL is also trying to attain the maximum number of newly designed drones. With a growing recognition of the threat of white supremacy, there is a dire need for new advanced technology to annul the threat of extremism.

This new technology also uses radiofrequency analyzers effectively detect radio waves sent between drones and their controllers and some units with multiple dispersed antennas can triangulate signal origin location. Acoustic sensors, such as those from Squarehead Technologies, are also good to detect short-term threats.

Devices include RF jammers to disrupt the signal between the drone and the controller, GPS spoofers to confuse a drone about its location, net guns, lasers, and even birds trained to disable drones in flight.

The CERBAIR kit uses radio as well as electromagnetic radiations to spot the enemy drone and attack at the very moment. It uses effectors to detect the stimulus. According to the company, drone detection is processed by omnidirectional analysis of the radio frequency spectrum. Because the kit tracks a rogue drone’s location, the electromagnetic gun can be used beyond line of sight.

The company believes it to be the biggest innovation of all time. It is determined to make more new weapons in the coming future.