Afghan refugees accuse Turkey of violent illegal pushbacks

Afghan refugees have accused Turkey of violent illegal pushback in the country.

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Afghan refugees have accused Turkey of violent illegal pushback in the country.

Sangeen, who fought the Taliban for five years as a soldier in the Afghan national army, says that in the past month he crossed the Turkey-Iran border, about 50 miles to the east of Van, on three other occasions. Each time, Turkish border forces caught him and deported him back to Iran, he says. He claims he was often tortured in the process.

Violent “pushbacks” against refugees have surged in eastern Turkey in the months since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, according to an investigation by the Guardian involving interviews with several pushback victims, human rights lawyers working in the region, and independent observers.

The International organization for Migration told that so many refugees are fleeing from Afghanistan. Pushbacks didn’t emerge just because Turkey decided to toughen up on its eastern border. It’s because of the EU’s policy

The Turkish government’s efforts to keep out refugees from Afghanistan escalated in August when construction began on a 183-mile concrete wall in Van province. The defense minister, Hulusi Akar, said the eastern border had been reinforced with thermal and night-vision cameras and more troops, including 750 special operations officers.