Air New Zealand to Test out Digital Health Passport

New Zealand is about to test its new digital health passport on route to New Auckland.

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New Zealand is about to test its new digital health passport on route to New Auckland.

The passport will provide proof of vaccination in a digitalized format. The airline has introduced the new digital travel pass app to intensify health conditions. Carrying a digital certificate is mandatory to visit outside. “Reassuring customers that travel is safe is one of our priorities. By using the app, customers can have confidence that everyone onboard meets the same government health requirements they do.”

The health lab of New Zealand will provide data about health conditions to the airline. It will then issue a green tick to customers who have met the travel requirements for their destination. In January, Etihad Airways and Emirates became the first airlines in the world to partner with the group.

Other airlines like American Airlines have also launched digital passports. Its only purpose is to provide a clear security company. Other countries are also working on this initiative to resume tourism. A few of them include Seychelles and the country of Georgia, which are each welcoming fully vaccinated travelers.

The passport will not, at the moment be applied to people traveling from other countries. However, it will soon serve as a two-way travel bubble.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she won’t reopen the country’s borders until all its citizens are vaccinated. And Australian vaccinated foreign travelers will have to comply with the country’s mandatory two-week hotel quarantine.