Almost 1,000 ‘surplus’ PIA workers laid off

The Pakistan International Airline PIA management has reported that almost 1,000 employees were laid off and has taken measures to lessen costs.

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The Pakistan International Airline PIA management has reported that almost 1,000 employees were laid off and has taken measures to lessen costs.

This was told by PIA president and Chief Executive Air Marshal Arshad Malik during a gathering with Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheik on Friday.

The PIA CEO, as per a public statement issued by the finance minister, informed Dr. Sheik on different initiatives and activities attempted by the PIA to lessen its operational expense and increment incomes through better administration and viable use of accessible budgetary and HR.

Dr. Sheik requested that the PIA seek after free, practical marketable strategy and said the administration needed the national banner bearer to successfully use its benefits, improve income streams and guarantee effectiveness and budgetary order.

The adviser focused on the significance of a reasonable and autonomous corporate arrangement to enable the PIA to defeat its challenges and accomplish supportability in its business procedures and flight activities. He said the administration was completely behind PIA management and anticipated that it should work steadily to transform the national flag transporter into a financially steady, reasonable and dependable airline for local and international travelers.

Arshad Malik expressed gratitude toward Dr. Sheik for his direction and support and said the management had the option to lay off almost 1,000 “excess staff” to spare expenses.

He named the recent Haj operation a triumph with very nearly 90 percent proficiency accomplished in the pre-Haj flight operation and they expected comparable outcomes in the post-Haj operation for which hard and fast endeavors were made to bring back the pilgrims according to plan.

The PM’s adviser coordinated his group in the finance minister to work intimately with the PIA management and broaden them all possible money related assistance, keeping in view the accessibility of monetary space.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan had led a meeting of the Aviation Division in Islamabad to examine PIA’s marketable strategy, prerequisites and different issues. It was gone to by Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Dr Hafeez Sheik, Aviation Secretary Shahrukh Nusrat and Arshad Malik.

The head administrator guided the PIA CEO to improve the exhibition of the airline and increment travel facilities. Mr. Khan guided the finance ministry to coordinate with the PIA in the purchase of new air crafts.

The presiding government of Pakistan is in constant struggle to make the Pakistan’s airline system much better. It aims to provide maximum luxury facilities with as possible as least operational costs. Thus, this step was taken by nearly 1,000 PIA surplus workers. PIA, in previous years, do not hold a very good record since so many incidents happened due to malfunctioning of airplanes caused by some major technical issues. However, the government is trying its best to overcome all such incidents by making the airline system near to a perfect one.

It has also proposed to purchase new aircrafts to accommodate travelers to a large extent. Reports have been emerged that two narrow-bodied aircraft are expected to be included in the PIA fleet by the end of this year.