Americans Travel Destinations for Now

New Year didn't bring an end to pandemic but new hope for Americans to travel. 

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New Year didn’t bring an end to pandemic but new hope for Americans to travel. 

However, since last year when the world was on halt due to a pandemic, still, it will take time to recover; negative COVID test is the requirement for travel.

Following is the list of countries accepting American travelers, with travel protocols and their adversary levels, along with some countries accepting American travelers on the requirement of two weeks quarantine is also listed, 


Albania needs anyone 11 years old or older to wear masks in public, both indoors and outdoors. Restaurants and cafes in the country are open, but a nightly curfew was implemented in November. However, US citizens are allowed to enter the country without showing a COVID test or being required to quarantine for two weeks per US Embassy in Albania


Witnessing several deaths due to the newfound variant of COVID in the UK, Barbados reopened for tourists on July 12. However, with the experience of a high death rate they tightened their policy for travelers, they are required to undergo a COVID test upon arrival and will have to quarantine for five days instead of three. The country is under curfew from 7 p.m. to 6 am. Moreover, Barbados advising visitors to move for a year and work from home. 


Chile opened its borders to international flights including America in November; however, they require travelers to show proof of negative COVID PCR taken within 72 hours of boarding flight per US embassy in Chile. Travelers also complete an affidavit of travelers and show proof that they have health insurance that will cover COVID 19 while they are there. Moreover, travelers must be quarantined and can leave quarantine after a negative PCR COVID test. Masks should be worn and Chile is under night curfew. 


On arrival, passengers will be tested again with a saliva test, which costs about $30. If a large percentage of flight tests positive with the saliva test, the government may require a follow-up nasal swab test. However, U.S. travelers can enter Djibouti with proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of boarding a flight to the country and not more than 120 hours before arriving per the US embassy in Djibouti.  


Travelers are allowed to skip quarantine if they show proof of a negative COVID test taken no longer than ten days before arrival and exhibit no symptoms by the US embassy and consulate in Ecuador. Ecuador opened its borders to commercial flights on June 1.


Travelers are required to give proof of negative COVID PCR test no more than 72 hours before departure. However, travelers must then take a second test upon arrival at the airport which will cost $150 per person per US embassy in Ghana. Ghana opened its regular international passenger travel on September 1, wearing the mask is the must requirement in Ghana. 


According to the US embassy in Honduras, travelers can enter Honduras if they possess a negative COVID-19 test. Moreover, international flights to the country reopened on August 17, wearing face masks are compulsory in public and the country is undergoing night curfew. 


Travelers can test out of quarantine only if they test negative with a COVID-19 PCR test at least five days after arriving in the country however, tourists are required to fill a contact tracing form. American travelers must show proof of negative COVID PCR test taken within 72 hours of their arrival according to the government. 


At the airport, arriving passengers will be required to line up six feet apart and undergo a thermo-screening by thermo-guns and/or thermo-scanners. Travelers from the US are required to provide contact information through the country’s pass track mobile app or online, they must undergo health screening. As of October 5 negative COVID, PCR is required from within 96 hours of traveling according to the government of Pakistan. Wearing face masks in public is a must. 


Travelers need to show the test to the airline during check-in. Visitors are not required to quarantine upon arrival. However, Turkey requires all international passengers 6 years old and older to arrive with a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours of their flight per US Embassy and Consulates in Turkey. Nightly curfew for natives is imposed however, tourists are the exception. 

Moreover, other countries are also accepting American travelers but on the mandatory requirement of quarantine or self-isolation.