Apple to Produce 1M Face Shields for Health Workers

The CEO of Apple has announced that they have been working to provide face shields to health workers from this week.

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The CEO of Apple has announced that they have been working to provide face shields to health workers from this week.

Tim Cook, the CEO, says that they are in dialogues with engineers, technicians, supply and packaging partners and product designers to manufacture face shields to health workers amid the corona pandemic.

As per the reports, Apple has been successfully contributing to the cause by providing 20 million face masks whoever needs. However, Cook disclosed in this Twitter account that his company is in talks with the government to supply masks to those who are in dire need in the first place.

However, this time Apple with its resources has come up with something unique and beneficial. At the same time, the company has gathered and collaborated with so many other organizations to achieve the motive of face shields. We hope that the collaboration of Apple comes out to be the best in this dire need of the hour. Apple is working with a team of product designers, engineers and technicians to create the masterpiece for needy.

Apple is an American multinational tech company that designs products, consumer electronics, online services and computer software. It is considered among one of the big tech companies ranking with Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in April 1976. It was then established as a computer tech company in the year 1977. It required a lot of time and struggle for the founders of the company to reach what they are today. The iPhones, tablets, MacBook are some inventions of Apple Inc.

Apple has always been on top in quality of products and innovations. Moreover, the amount of resources they have and the intention to create something beneficial for the people of the world, is what always takes over the other companies. Similar is the face shields.

The Apple Face Shield is designed to fit on every head size and is adjustable. Along with that, it will be available in boxes of 100 to required hospitals. Although, Apple has already delivered a few boxes of face masks to Kaiser Hospital facilities in Santa Clara Valley, and now Apple intends to deliver it to other cities of the US starting from this week.

Just like its other Apple products, the company desires to deliver it to the needy ones. However, until now its delivery is only limited to the US. Apple intends to deliver it to other countries of the world too.

The world requires face masks direly because of the rapid increase in the corona outbreak. Conversely, the situation in the US has become worse. Other countries are no behind. It would be a kind gesture from Apple if it starts delivering its innovation to the whole world so that every country collectively can fight against corona in this hour of downfall.