Aurat March 2020

Aurat March 2020 has taken over social media, calling out for justice by killing patriarchy in the society.

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Aurat March 2020 has taken over social media, calling out for justice by killing patriarchy in the society.

A differing gathering of ladies, transgender and non-twofold people under the umbrella of ‘Murmur Aurtein’ held a public interview at the Karachi Press Club on Tuesday to inform the media about the explanations for the forthcoming Aurat March at Frere Hall to harmonize with International Women’s Day.

We walk not simply to feature the battles of ladies. Aurat March tries to join ladies, transgender and non-twofold people for the reason for sex equity and aggregate social change dependent on standards of consideration, nobility and regard, said resigned Justice Majida Rizvi.

It was in March 2018 that a gathering of ladies from different backgrounds, foundations and callings met up for aggregate activity when they chose to shout to other ladies to go along with them for the Aurat March. In its third year now, the Aurat March this time is relied upon to be much greater and better. Over the most recent three years, the banners and notices and the requests raised by the ladies conveying them have brought about expanded revealing of badgering cases and episodes of brutality. More unfortunate casualties have begun turning out to request their privileges.

We have to see a quiet Pakistan, an equitable society where everybody is treated with deference. At the Aurat March we speak more loudly for all who battle. We are with them in their battles, said ladies’ privileges extremist Anis Haroon.

Nuzhat Shirin of the Sindh Commission on the Status of Women said that ladies had constantly upheld one another. They should be financially engaged. There are numerous workplaces and offices said to be working for the government assistance of ladies however they are not so much working like they really should, she said.


[a woman]

ought to be urged to seek after training and she ought to likewise have a sense of security enough to have the option to step out of the house. However, this is just conceivable when we ladies can go to bat for ourselves, she included.

Shahzadi, a transgender individual functioning as a network advocate, said that she was pleased to be a piece of the Aurat March. She likewise raised a portion of the issues being looked by the transgender network, for example, no assault law, non-usage of the five percent work quantity for transgenders in government divisions, no transgender portrayal at the objection work area for transgender people, and so forth.

Essayist and specialist Nazish Brohi said that previous the ladies here didn’t have their very own personality even on their national character card as they were referenced by relationship to a male relative. Perhaps we are not battling for the issues we used to battle for a long time prior in light of the fact that we have pushed ahead from that point and advanced yet the development will be conveyed forward further by our young age, she said.

Speaking to the minorities, Safina Jawaid said that individuals having a place with minorities were unreliable and exposed. She likewise raised the issue of constrained transformations of minor young ladies and their initial relationships. Promoter Abira Ashfaq occupied the consideration of the media towards implemented removals when individuals’ homes were wrecked and their womenfolk who are affected the most and need to endure the most. The enthusiasm of manufacturers and engineers isn’t as significant as ladies’ privileges, she said.

The sanction of requests read out by the ladies incorporated a conclusion to brutality and inappropriate behavior, monetary equity, regenerative rights, natural equity, right to the city, minority rights and a conclusion to constrained transformations, political interest of ladies, transgender and non-parallel individuals, halting the chauvinist treatment of ladies and transgenders and rights for the crippled.