Bacteria for the cure of dengue found

Researchers have found a bacterium namely Wolbachia in order to cure dengue virus which is prevalent all over the world especially in Pakistan.

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Researchers have found a bacterium namely Wolbachia in order to cure dengue virus which is prevalent all over the world especially in Pakistan.

An extensive research has been carried out on the matter of dengue and as per the reports submitted to BBC news, the wolbachia has the capacity to kill mosquitoes spreading dengue and alike diseases. The bacteria weaken the dengue mosquito as a result of which these insects become unable to spread infection.

The studies have regarded the research a big time achievement since 70% of the total cases have fallen under this category and there was a dire need to discover such a bacterium which could save millions of lives.

Dengue virus has become quite common in many countries including Pakistan. More than 50 cases have been reported related to the same subject only in Punjab this year. Dengue itself is a virus. Common mosquitoes often take up these viruses which starts growing inside these insects. As a result, these mosquitoes when bite causes infection in individuals. Hence, the bacteria stop these viruses from reproducing individually as well as inside the common insects.

The issue gets worse when this virus starts replicating itself within and independently which causes the spread more. Few insects are naturally infected with bacteria. One such example could be of common fly or also known as fruit fly. The bacterium inside fruit fly is harmful when it bites or lay eggs on any edible material. However, the scientists have been experimenting with the newly discovered bacteria by injecting in the wolbachia bacterium into the eggs of mosquito to see whether they can adapt in various climatic conditions or not.

The virus causing dengue, namely, Aedes aegypti is itself infected. It transmits infected virus into the blood streams of individual causing dengue. The effects and symptoms of this deadly virus differs from person to person as well as immunity. Some starts showing symptoms like flu etc., while few ends up in death.

Dengue is usually known as break-bone fever, meaning thereby, that it causes severe pain in bones and muscles of the infected individual. Not only that, few cases have shown bleeding gums as symptoms of this viral disease. The death toll across the world has reached to highest due to no adequate medical facility or care.

Pakistan’s case is the worst out of all. The virus develops on stagnant water and then spread after sun set. It targets people of every age group. The government of Pakistan took few precautionary steps to eradicate this viral disease however, it was unable to end it till its root. Tv advertisements were also broadcasted to spread awareness among masses.

These were the temporary solutions one can take to overcome it. However, this recent research has found a solution to permanently eradicate this virus. The discovered bacteria will directly attack on the growth of the virus. The severe form of virus which has increased the number of death count, caused by dengue is the state of dengue hemorrhagic fever, resulting in more than 25, 000 deaths.