Barbados becomes a new republic

Barbados has become a new republic, isolated from the Queen’s kingdom.

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Barbados has become a new republic, isolated from the Queen’s kingdom.

The state has finally declared its independence and marked the event with the presence of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. In the ceremony, Dame Sandra Mason was sworn in as the president of the new republic.

The Prince of Wales and Barbadian singer Rihanna attended the event, which coincided with the country’s 55th anniversary of independence. The prince acknowledged the move and said that the people of the Caribbean island deserved the victory after years of humiliation and slavery.

The new era for Barbados ends Britain’s centuries of influence, including more than 200 years when the island was a hub for the transatlantic slave trade. The flag of the British monarchy which was flying over Barbodas for years was replaced by a new flag of the republic. Prince Charles further said that both the countries will make constitutional changes peacefully and with negotiations.

Dame Sandra Mason, 72, the island’s governor-general since 2018, has now replaced the Queen as the head of the state. However, Barbados has announced to remain a commonwealth country. The event was closed with the performance of Rihanna declaring her and pride of the nation by the government.