Biden tells Xi not to ‘veer into conflict’

Biden in a call to Xi has that the two countries must not indulge in any conflict.

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Biden in a call to Xi has that the two countries must not indulge in any conflict.

While explaining in a call he said that the two countries are driven by powers blindly. However, they must not veer the competition into conflict. 

A White House statement said the two leaders had “a broad, strategic discussion” including on “areas where our interests converge, and areas where our interests, values, and perspectives diverge.” It said Biden and Xi agreed to engage “openly and straightforwardly”. 

China’s state media said the conversation was “candid” and “in-depth”, adding that Xi said US policy on China imposed great difficulties on relations between the two.

There has been ongoing frustration in the US that efforts to find common ground have so far been fruitless. The US-China relationship sank to its lowest point in decades between an increasingly authoritarian Xi and the previous US president, Donald Trump.

Biden administration is trying to adopt a soft approach to cooperate with China on worldly affairs. Instead of using a hard approach as used by his predecessor Trump. China’s increasing aggression in the South China Sea and Taiwan Strait, and the growing presence of the US, and its increased support of Taiwan, has also increased concerns over the prospect of conflict.

The new issue of the Afghan government, recognized by China first has also raised the eyebrows of the Western bloc. It seems like China is strengthening its alliances with economic power against the US.