Biden wants Amazon to pay their taxes

President Biden has asked Amazon to pay their taxes.

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President Biden has asked Amazon to pay their taxes.

He further said that he thinks no company is in a state to evade taxes. Therefore, it does not matter how big the company is. Amazon has accumulated a lot of taxes that it must pay at any cost.

For the year 2017 to 2018, Amazon vowed to give back money taken from the federal government. The company has said that it owed more than $1 billion in federal income tax. But it can only pay $162 million at the moment. The company has also suffered a loss after the fire erupted in its warehouse caused injury to many of its workers. Amazon made a public statement that it follows all the applicable tax laws. However, it remains one of the companies that evade taxes.

Biden has strictly said Amazon to pay all the pending taxes as soon as possible otherwise it can be added up to the blacklist. Amazon enjoys a great deal of viewers on its shows with top popularity. However, with profit come duties to pay.