Bill Gates backlashed for buying the world’s largest private jet operator

Bill Gates is blamed for hypocrisy for buying the world’s largest private jet, just before a month of release of his book about climate change.

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Bill Gates is blamed for hypocrisy for buying the world’s largest private jet, just before a month of release of his book about climate change. 

Bill Gates entered into the bidding war for Signature Aviation Friday combining with Blackstone Group to earn 4.3 billion to pay for jet servicing company.  

However, Blackstone and Cascade are going one on one competition with private equity firm Carlyle to make starting takeover approach. Moreover, Bill Gates owns a 19% share of Signature making it desired firm to win. 

Moreover, ahead of his anticipated book release buying of the world’s largest jet left him with allegations of hypocrisy. As in his book he is emphasizing the lower rates of greenhouse gas emissions and talking bluntly about climate change while he is doing the opposite himself. 

His vocal stance is contradictory to his blog post he posted about climate change.  

According to a 2019 report by aviation firm Honeywell Aerospace, every private jet flight discharges up to 40 times carbon per passenger as a regular commercial flight. 

People were quick to point out Gates’s hypocrisy. They tweeted let’s not hear Bill Gates’s opinion on climate change while he is busy investing in private jet companies. 

Another tweet stated that it’s impossible to get zero discharge by driving and flying less, it’s absurd to demand action on climate change while promoting private jets. 

Meanwhile, Gates states the measure to be taken to eradicate zero emissions; he also says that he spends a decade researching for the causes and effects of climate change. Gates also commented that climate change is more dangerous than a pandemic. 

The global crisis has shocked the world and recorded the tragic number of deaths people are facing an economic crisis, its effects are affecting the whole world. He further adds that nearly a few decades’ climate changes will be another global crisis. 

Bill Gates released a structured plan to revolutionize the physical economy and conduct research under the US government; he claims no one else has the resources as the US. He set a budget of $25 billion in spending on clean energy. He says that Americans spend more on gas than the government will spend on the research.

This is the first time Gates is slammed for double standards; he claimed that his 4 private jets are his “Guilty pleasure” while narrating to everyone about the causes and effects of climate change. 

A 2019 study by Lund University in Sweden states that Gates had the major carbon footprint of a group of 10 celebrities known to frequently use private jets.  

Researchers projected that he took 59 private jet flights in 2017, traveling 343,000 km and producing a shocking 1,600 tons of carbon dioxide. While every person produces 10% of carbon dioxide. 

Despite the apparent hypocrisy, Blackstone and Cascade are said to be in progressive talks with Signature about their bid that involves a cash offer of 3.81 pounds per share. The bid will be made through Brown Bidco Ltd, a newly merged company which will be 70 percent owned by Blackstone with Cascade owning the rest. Signature said this was Blackstone’s sixth bid after it first made a bid last February. Cascade and Blackstone must announce a firm purpose to make a bid or walk away by January 14. 

While airlines suffered due to travel bans, borders being shut. While private jet operators fared better as wealthy passengers breaks the rules of travel bans and fled off around the world amid pandemic restrains.