Bumble announces a week break for its staff

Bumble has announced to give a week's break to all its staff members to combat workplace stress.

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Bumble has announced to give a week’s break to all its staff members to combat workplace stress.

Its 700 staff worldwide has been told to switch off and focus on themselves. All the offices of the Bumble dating app have been shut down. Bumble has had a busier year than most firms, with a stock market debut, and rapid growth in user numbers.

The off was announced 2 months earlier as all the women in charge of the app were working like busy bees. The spokeswoman confirmed that the majority of Bumble’s staff, totaling more than 700 people, is taking the week off. 

Bumble has attracted widespread popularity from the users in finding a match during the lockdown. The number of paid users across Bumble and Badoo, which Bumble also owns, spiked by 30% in the three months to 31 March, compared with the same period last year, according to its most recent set of results.

Back in 2017, the firm unveiled its new headquarters in Texas. Saturated in Bumble’s signature yellow, wall mirrors are emblazoned with messages such as “you look, bee-beautiful honey”. Even the light switches have slogans, telling people to “shine bright like a diamond”.

Bumble provides a free environment to its employees. There is no such restriction on the working hours. No nine to five jobs. Instead, the employees can choose working hours as per their convenience. 

In the time of the pandemic, businesses have become more flexible and are listening to the concerns of the employees as much as they can.