Changing trends in AI Post-COVID

The pandemic has changed every sector of the world and so is the field of AI.

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The pandemic has changed every sector of the world and so is the field of AI.

AI has opened various other avenues, coupled with the more smart and in-depth learning, however, the crises have led the world to renew its take on the digital agenda.

A bold mandate

A bold mandate means to renovate the designs, thinking, and all the technology used for boosting large-scale businesses. The era of 5G and Edge Computing will accelerate the momentum of Digital Transformation even further with the Fourth Industrial Revolution resulting in new products and services that we may not even imagine today.

With that, the new world of AIIoT and the Internet of Things (IoT), and AI technology have given an opportunity the people to think beyond the world.

A walk towards smarter AI

AI, a few years ago emerged as a new field however, it has become more advanced with taking it one step forward. Each neuron within the network receives inputs from other neurons and then calculates a weighted average of the inputs with the relative weighting of the various inputs guided by the previous experience.

The Achievements of Deep Learning

Advanced AI has provided a ton of examples that have made human life better, one such case in point is that of the study by NVIDIA explaining  Deep Learning Drops Error Rate for Breast Cancer Diagnoses by 85%. AI is effective in tackling the disease of cancer, as well as in the treatment. It has been used in the techniques of mammography as well.

Edge Computing And IoT

Furthermore, new IoT-based applications such as 5G based are also on the top. AI development will be increasingly about techniques that enable Deep Learning to be efficiently deployed in edge computing (on device) as the era of 5G emerges with autonomous systems and machine-to-machine communication requiring the AI to be deployed closer to where the data is created and processed.

 New advancements in AI are letting human beings explore new avenues. The pandemic in one has been proved as a blessing in disguise because the lockdowns provided time to the scientists to research more into the field and devise new methods to revolutionize it, thus helping mankind in every field.