China denies Microsoft hacking accusations

China has denied all such allegations regarding Microsoft hacking.

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China has denied all such allegations regarding Microsoft hacking.

China said that the allegations have been deliberately pushed by the US and its allies. China has nothing to do with cyber-attacks against tech giant Microsoft. The US and other Western countries on Monday accused China of hacking Microsoft Exchange – a popular email platform used by companies worldwide.

It also said that the US is acting recklessly which can damage global security. All the allegations of the cyber-attack are fabricated.  The US has brainwashed its allies against China spit venom and criticize China’s every act. The UK, EU, New Zealand, and Australia were among those to join the US in accusing Chinese state-sponsored actors of “malicious cyber activity”, including the Microsoft hack.

Microsoft’s Exchange system powers the email of major corporations, small businesses, and public bodies worldwide. The hack affected at least 30,000 organizations. However, Microsoft Microsoft’s Threat Intelligence Centre found out that the hacker group to be state-sponsored and operating out of China.

Western security services say the hack seems to signal a shift from a targeted espionage campaign to a smash-and-grab raid, leading to concerns that Chinese cyber behavior is escalating.