Chinese hackers used FB in targeted campaign to surveil user devices – says Facebook

Facebook has announced that Chinese companies used FB to target campaigns and infect user devices.

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Facebook has announced that Chinese companies used FB to target campaigns and infect user devices.

The company has disrupted the Chinese network working on the platform, compromising user’s privacy. The company has also asked other investigation agencies to look into cyber espionage and disable accounts involved in doing so.

The hackers — believed to be part of the Earth Empusa or Evil Eye groups — were targeting activists, journalists, and dissidents, predominantly among Uyghurs from Xinjiang in China, living abroad in Turkey, Kazakhstan, the US, Syria, Australia, and Canada.

Facebook also revealed that the campaign was specialized at infecting users networks. It aimed at collecting information with the help of malicious codes and other viruses. The links that were shared through Facebook included links to both legitimate and lookalike news websites, as well as to fake Android app stores.

The hackers also created lookalike domains for Turkish news websites and injected malicious code with malware. Similarly, third-party lookalike app stores were built to trick targets into downloading Uyghur-themed apps with malicious code that would allow the hackers to exploit the devices they were installed on.

The group also tried to conceal its identity by tampering with the IP address, operating system, operating country, and language. The company took down all suspicious accounts involved in such activities. Moreover, the investigation disclosed that the infected and malicious malware activities drawback since 2019.

It was indeed a threatening challenge for a company like Facebook to be used as a hacking platform. If used longed, it could have caused severe consequences to the company. Therefore, it was imperative to take immediate action.