Corona: Global Tally reaches 4.9M

The worldwide cases of the corona virus have surpassed 4.9 million.

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The worldwide cases of the corona virus have surpassed 4.9 million.

Data from John Hopkins University US confirmed the figures. Also, the death toll has reached 323,345 globally, with the number of recoveries exceeding 1.68 million.

Among all the United States remains the hardest hitter. It has reported 1.52 million confirmed cases and 91,921 deaths. Furthermore, the other two countries followed by the US are the UK and Italy. The UK with 35,422 fatalities and Italy with 32,169.

Next on the list are France and Spain. A total of 28,025 people in France have been infected by the virus, whereas the death tally in Spain reaches 27,778. Meanwhile, Russia is considered to be the country with second-highest cases, nearly 300,000.

China has reported five new cases so far in the District of Jilin. Moreover, its total number of infections has reached 84,063 cases so far and its death toll continues to stand at 4,638.

But the best part is that global recoveries have reached 1.8 million worldwide. As per Bangladesh’s view, the immune system is the only weapon to fight against corona. However, the world is waiting for vaccination desperately. Almost eight to nine countries are still working on it. But no results have been obtained so far.

The coronavirus in total has spread to 188 countries across the globe. Many countries are easing lockdown which might further aggravate the situation. However, every government is striving to devise ways to control this epidemic.