Costa Coffee to reopen 1,100 Takeaway Outlets by the End of June

Costa coffee has announced to reopen thousands of new takeaway outlets by the end of this month.

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Costa coffee has announced to reopen thousands of new takeaway outlets by the end of this month.

The retailer announced that 1,100 of its 2,700 branched will reopen in the next two weeks after 3 months on constant lockdown. Moreover, these branches will be available for both deliveries and take away only amid pandemic.

All of the outlets have been improvised as per the health and safety guidelines. Hygiene will be the foremost thing to be taken care of. Also, the outlets will adhere to strict policies to keep both staff and customers safe.

The additional safety measures include a Perspex screen at counters, social distancing stickers on the floor, and sanitizer stations at the entrance. Moreover, the retailer will only accept contactless cards for the payment. However, the retailer will be offering a limited variety of food. Drive-through service will also be available for the ease of customers.

The chief executive of Costa Coffee showed immense gratitude for the reopening of the outlets. In addition to that, Costa has delivered more than 861,000 cans of coffee even in lockdown.

As per the recent stats, over 45 percent of people miss coffee shops and cafes as compared to pubs. Moreover, 27 percent of the 3,700 customers said Costa is the chain they miss visiting the most. The list also includes 14 percent preferring Starbucks, 12 percent Greggs, and 10 percent Cafe Nero. Over one quarter chose McDonald’s, while KFC and Nando’s each received 15 percent of the vote.

The customers are pleased on hearing the reopening of the food chain. However, McDonald’s and Starbucks have already reopened their outlets back in May.