Death of Myanmar’s NLD party officials unknown

Myanmar’s NLD party official's death remains mysterious with no cause to be found.

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Myanmar’s NLD party official’s death remains mysterious with no cause to be found.

The coup has taken over the country since February and almost 8000 people have been killed till then. Not just that, random firing on the civilians and from civilians on the Junta has been seen since the coup took over. On Saturday, 6 March, cities across Myanmar were on edge.

Pabedan has a diverse population, with a large number of Muslim residents and eight mosques in the township. It was the place where most of the killings and protests took place. The killing of the officials is not known as of yet.

Khin Maung Latt was at home with his adopted family when police and soldiers arrived shortly after 21:00 local time (14:30 GMT). The forces have been abused by extreme human rights abuse. The forces deliberately look for high-end people who have already gone hiding.