Disneyland Paris to open mass Covid-19 Vaccine Site

  Disneyland Paris to open mass COVID vaccine site soon.

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  Disneyland Paris to open mass COVID vaccine site soon.

The vaccine site will do a partnership with local authorities for the vaccination site. The decision came in after France witnessing a surge in COVID cases. The Disneyland Paris vaccine site will operate on weekends outside of Disney’s Newport Bay Club hotel, and will not be held within the theme park itself.

The vaccination site aims to vaccinate 1,000 people every Saturday and Sunday. The vaccine site comes after Disneyland Resort in California opened a mass vaccination site in their parking lot in January as their theme parks remain closed.

France has received 20.1% doses of vaccine as per vaccine tracker. The country is roughly in line with the pace of several other western European countries like Germany, Italy, Spain, and Belgium that have similarly experienced slow rollouts.

France has one of the highest rates of vaccine skepticism in the world, however, with a July 2020 poll finding that approximately a third of French adults would refuse any Covid-19 vaccine. France also accused vaccines like AstraZeneca of causing blood clots in COVID patients. However, the EU medics cleared the vaccine through trial.