EU plans to reopen foreign tourists from June

EU has planned to reopen full foreign tourism from June after full vaccination.

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EU has planned to reopen full foreign tourism from June after full vaccination.

This would only apply to EU member states with less number of COVID cases. The plan will get in force by June. Until then, the authorities will observe the situation of the pandemic closely. 

With the rate of vaccination rising “dramatically” in EU member states, commission officials said it was time to relax rules on non-essential travel while legislating to provide for powers to pull an “emergency brake” if necessary.

EU borders have been closed due to a surge in COVID cases during the first and second waves. EU is hopeful that the situation will get better with immunization and vaccination. Tighter restrictions were imposed by the EU last year. 

Under the UK government’s plan to relax coronavirus restrictions, international travel for leisure purposes could resume from 17 May. A traffic light system is expected to be unveiled this week under which countries will be added to green, amber, and red lists, with different rules regarding issues such as quarantine of returning travelers for each list.

The UK has listed several counties on the red list to ban them from traveling. This is because of the various dangerous corona variants found in citizens. The UK’s rate is about 23.2 per 100,000 people.

The commission is proposing emergency measures until the situation gets better. Therefore, the EU members were asked to ban inbound travel by non-EU citizens to curb the spread of the virus. The only exceptions would be healthcare professionals, transport personnel, diplomats, transit passengers, those traveling for imperative family reasons, seafarers, and people in need of international protection or for other humanitarian reasons.