Facebook didn’t restore Trump’s social media account

Facebook denies the restoration of Trump’s social media accounts.

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Facebook denies the restoration of Trump’s social media accounts.

The users have said that the pictures of his Facebook and Instagram accounts are still visible. This brought up to the users that the company may have restored all its social media accounts after the months-long ban.

However, Facebook Policy Communications Director Andy Stone tweeted Trump is still indefinitely suspended from the platform. Moreover, the company has no plans to restore them as of yet.

Facebook banned Trump’s social media accounts for hate speech and controversial statements. Moreover, the major event that led to the ban was the attack on the US Capitol on Jan 6. He posted about the violent event, violating the terms and conditions of the social media platform. Since then, Trump has struggled to communicate with his supporters and has resorted to sending out press releases to reporters, giving occasional interviews to conservative TV networks, and launching and later shutting down a blog.