Facebook now allows pages to turn off comments on posts

The new feature of Facebook allows you to turn off comments on the posts. 

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The new feature of Facebook allows you to turn off comments on the posts. 

It applies to the posts of users, pages, and even groups. The new feature came in to avoid the increasing hate speech on social media platforms. The new feature is similar to the one introduced by Twitter to limit comments. 

The change comes after a landmark ruling in Australia in 2019, founding companies liable for defamatory comments. The Facebook company has to take in the consideration the heated comments on the site and thus launched this feature. It will now allow users to control their comments. 

The ruling found media companies have a responsibility to pre-moderate comments, but previously there was no way to screen comments posted on Facebook before they were published unless the page administrators used a limited keyword filter to pick up a word or words and prevent comments containing those words being posted.

The New South Wales supreme court ruled in 2019 that all Australian companies are responsible for defamatory comments. Since then, all the media companies are asked to enhance their privacy policies. 

Media companies had sought this change from Facebook as part of the Australian government’s news media bargaining code legislation, which passed the parliament last month. The exposure draft for the legislation contained a section requiring the platforms like Facebook to allow for news businesses to moderate comments, but this was removed from the legislation when it was introduced into parliament.

Facebook, along with other social media companies have taken immediate steps to implement privacy policies to make it an opinionated place and not a place of war.