Fatima Sohail lodges complain in FIA regarding leaked video

A disgusting video has been circulating the social media since yesterday, claiming it to be the video of Mohsin Abbas’s ex-wife Fatima Sohail.

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A disgusting video has been circulating the social media since yesterday, claiming it to be the video of Mohsin Abbas’s ex-wife Fatima Sohail.

Fatima Sohail, ex-wife of singer, model and actor Mohsin Abbas Haider has been dragged in this controversy as per her statements. It’s been not a long time that the controversy of domestic violence and extra marital affair was claimed by Fatima Sohail against her husband Mohsin. It took the attention of all social media forums as well as the legal system. However, then both decided to proceed it as per law. Fatima demanded khula against her husband and now they both are separated.

However, this new debate has spread like wildfire that the girl appearing in that disgusting video is Fatima Sohail in an awkward condition. Those who believe it true has blamed Mohsin for leaking her ex-wife’s video in the name of revenge.

This was all over twitter too where twitterati concoct a wide range of speculations in association with the abusive behavior at home body of evidence Sohail had recorded against previous spouse and entertainer Mohsin Abbas Haider. While some felt frustrated about Sohail, others praised Haider for having made the ‘right’ decision. On Friday night, Sohail took to Instagram to trash all the prattle, naming the video wrong and phony. She likewise said that she has held up a grievance to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to research the issue.

An improper video is inclining erroneously with her name as of late. She does not have anything to do with this video and shockingly the woman in the video doesn’t resemble her at all. This was the statement given by Fatima about the controversy. Sohail then went onto state that she had recorded an objection with the Federal Investigation Agency and according to their criminological report, the video shows another person.

She has made a legitimate move and recorded the fake video with the FIA, and according to their scientific report this is some other woman. They are currently researching and will before long offer who flowed this video and attempted to malign her. The diva additionally shared a duplicate of the grievance. She is appalled to realize how low somebody can stoop. These individuals ought to be shown a thing or two so they think a hundred times before charging somebody.

Sohail additionally included another post valuing the endeavors of FIA, so as to help settle the issue. Thank God we have units like FIA digital wrongdoing. Truth be told, what might she has managed without such a respectable and solid digital wrongdoing backing to approve her cases. This is not the first case of such sort but many have been passed to the very same stage. Few have done it out of enmity or grudge while others only had motive to damage the reputation of one at workplace by posting personal stuff publicly, without consent. FIA, took is taking these matters seriously as such acts have direct impact on the mental state of an individual, be it man or woman.