Foods to avoid Obesity

Your body will show what you eat. This is a common example but truth. Fat liver is a disease which is caused by poor eating routine.

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Your body will show what you eat. This is a common example but truth. Fat liver is a disease which is caused by poor eating routine.

Consuming lipid-containing food frequently will actually accumulate on liver causing various diseases. As a result, it is imperative to have a safe eating routine in order to have a healthy lifestyle. Following are few categories of food which must be avoided to prevent fatty liver;


Alcohol is considered to be deadly for health, specifically for liver. Too much consumption of alcohol might cause dysfunction of liver which can ultimately affect the ability to breakdown fats, as a result fat gets accumulated in the liver catching fatal disease.

Sugary Foods:

Sugary foods contained huge amount of redefined sugar such as cakes, candies and all other containing excess of carbohydrates. These kind of food increases body mass index and causes obesity which is another disease of fatty liver. Sugary foods increase blood sugar level resulting in diseases.

Fried Food:

Fried foods, whether deep or shallow fried, contains noticeable quantity of saturated fatty acids which are difficult to be digested by the mechanism of human body. Saturated fatty acid are unable to be broken down by the liver. Hence, baked food, or food with less calories are more beneficial for a healthy lifestyle.


Food with high amount of salt basically increase the blood pressure and liver malfunction. The salt intake must not exceed an amount of 1,500 mg per day. Less salt intake is also beneficial for moderate heart rate. However, at first the food might feel tasteless but with time it will become a routine. Less salt level will regulate the blood pressure and prevent chronic heart diseases.

Refined Grains:

Rice, flour, white bread and pasta are made up of grains. These kind of grain foods contains no fiber which makes it difficult for food to get digested by the liver. Once the fiber remains undigested in the liver, it gets accumulated in it causing fatty liver. Hence, it is good to reduce the intake made up of redefined grain only.

Red Meat:

Red meat contains prominent amount of saturated fat which is again unable to be dissolved by the liver. It is appropriate to consume white meat or fish which are rich in protein. Red meat takes it difficult to get digested and can cause chronic liver disease.

Soda and Fruit Juice:

Fruits contain an inadequate amount of sugar and fructose, which is incapable of dissolution. It can cause damage to liver and lipogenesis it is better to consume green vegetable juices or smoothies made out of fresh fruits. Juice can be diluted by adding a bit of water to 100% fruit juice. Or else a cocktail can give more benefits.

Fast Food:

Fast food contains high amount of calories which are unhealthy for liver. Moreover, these type of foods do contain traces of preservatives which are also harmful for heart, liver or other organs. Thus, they must be avoided as many as possible.

Liver is one of the main functional organ of the human body. It carries out important metabolism of body. A number of chemical reactions take place within in which help in breakdown of food for an effective digestion, preventing the fat accumulation.