France to ban some domestic flights

France has announced to ban some domestic flights where the train is available.

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France has announced to ban some domestic flights where the train is available.

The decision came in after the effects of pollution on the environment. The lockdown in the pandemic has somehow controlled the rapid spread of pollution. However, the environment is still fighting to revitalize its shape. 

The ban means an end of short internal flights from Orly airport, south of Paris, to Nantes and Bordeaux among others, though connecting flights through Charles de Gaulle/Roissy airport, north of the French capital, will continue. France has recently adopted the modified version of the climate agreement. Moreover, the climate commission has asked to scrap all such flights immediately, responsible for air pollution.

This was reduced to two and a half hours after strong objections from certain regions and from Air France-KLM, which, like other airlines, has been badly hit by local and international Covid-19 restrictions on travel. The objections were backed by economic reasoning that the airlines will have to bear sufficient loss. The chief executive of Air France-KLM, Benjamin Smith, has said the airline is committed to reducing the number of its French domestic routes by 40% by the end of this year. The final decision was locked on banning flights with two and a half-hour of travel time.

The French consumer association UFC-Que Choisir had called on MPs to retain the four-hour recommendation and give the new law “some substance … while also putting in place safeguards that [French national rail] SNCF will not seize the opportunity to artificially inflate its prices or degrade the quality of rail service.

Corona has helped many countries to fulfill their environmental commitments, France is also one of them. France’s new law will be watched closely by other countries. Austria’s coalition conservative-green government introduced a €30 tax on airline tickets for flights of less than 217 miles (350km) last June and a ban on domestic flights that could be traveled in less than three hours by train.