Global Corona cases crosses 4.1M

The global tally of corona virus cases surpassed 4.1 million, as per John Hopkins University Data.

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The global tally of corona virus cases surpassed 4.1 million, as per John Hopkins University Data.

Moreover, the date also recorded global deaths and recoveries. The total deaths have reached 282,700 across the globe. Whereas, the number of recoveries is 1.4 million. The situation of countries is getting worse day by day. The US, being the hard hitter has new 1.33 million diagnosed cases with 79,526 deaths.

Other most affected countries include the UK with 31,930 fatalities and Italy with 30,560 deaths. Next comes the situation in Spain. A total of 26,621 people have lost their lives, followed closely by France with 26,383 deaths in total. Moreover, Spain has the second-highest number of cases recorded. Furthermore, other countries being the top target includes Italy, Russia, and the UK.

China has not recorded any death so far as per the data shown by news channels. However, the number of infected cases have raised to 84,010. The zero fatality rate in China raises so many questions about its transparency. The US already doubts the role of China in spreading the corona virus. WHO, nonetheless, is of the view that Corona originated from the animal market in Wuhan only.

No such proof has been submitted by the US to prove allegations correct. Also, Washington has submitted zero evidence in this regard. However, the investigation is still going on against China.

On the other hand, the global corona recoveries are increasing as well. A total of 1,408,705 recoveries were recorded across the globe. The list was topped with the highest hitter US, reporting the most recoveries. It has 216,169 recoveries so far. Also, the others include Germany with 144,400 recoveries and Spain with 136,166. Meanwhile, recoveries in Italy have reached 105,186.

Turkey has succeeded in controlling the corona outbreak. Moreover, Turkey ranks at fifth position a total of 92,691 recoveries from the disease. Turkey had recorded a total of 3,786 deaths from the pandemic. Also, the number of current cases has dropped to 42,180.

The corona virus has reached to 187 countries in total. Also, the European countries are the top of the list among the targets. The corona virus first emerged in Wuhan, the city of China, back in December 2019. Up till now, it has infected millions of people around the world. Every government is trying to slow down the spread of the pandemic.

The global economy is facing severe downfall too. However, the countries have started easing lockdown. Also, WHO says that the ease in lockdown may aggravate the situation. Every country is striving their hard to control the epidemic. But none of them knows as to when it will come to an end.