Hawaii is creating a Vaccine Passport

Travelers to Hawaii can skip the mandatory Aloha state’s 10-day quarantine if they are being vaccinated. 

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Travelers to Hawaii can skip the mandatory Aloha state’s 10-day quarantine if they are being vaccinated. 

Hawaii Lieutenant Governor Josh Green said that “the Aloha state is developing a vaccinated passport which will inject travelers a digital code that would permit them to skip the quarantine and travel between the islands.” 

However, for now, travelers can provide the authorities with a negative COVID-10 test by a certified laboratory taken within 72 hours of arrival can travel. Moreover, The island of Kauai has even severer protocols in place that require visitors to test negative before arrival, stay at an approved “resort bubble” location, and then test negative a second time more than 72 hours after arriving.

Green said “that the rollout of Hawaii’s digital vaccine passport program could ramp up in a matter of weeks, and would prioritize in-state essential workers. For state residents the launch goal is April 1 however on May 1 visitors will join the program. 

“This is the way we restore our economy very quickly,” he adds “We would likely see a huge uptick in visitors by, say, the fall this way.” However, Green hopes that a vaccination passport would allow Hawaii to quickly ramp up tourism after nearly a year of struggle.

However, “Until the science tells us that those who are vaccinated cannot carry the virus and, I think most important, do not transmit it to other people, I think it would be irresponsible to say that those vaccinated can travel about freely,” Hawaii Governor David Ige has recently expressed more caution in his public statements.

The centers for disease control and Prevention released new guidance earlier this month. Which recommended that people who are fully vaccinated and exposed to COVID-19 should not have to quarantine? 

However, Vaccine passports are becoming popular in countries around the world, and especially in Europe. Moreover, four cruise lines, including one large-ship line, have announced they will mandate all travelers to be fully vaccinated before setting sail. If Hawaii lets vaccinated tourists cancel the state’s mandated quarantine, it may hire more cruise lines.