Influencers under Fire for Vacationing

Influencers are under the rage of fans for trips to Dubai in lockdown, bashed on their Instagram posts.

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Influencers are under the rage of fans for trips to Dubai in lockdown, bashed on their Instagram posts.

Sasha Louise Pallari a makeup artist started a hashtag in summers 2020 i.e. #filterdrop. It was a social media campaign to discourage influencers promoting beauty products by using filters. Moreover, results paid off last week when Advertising Standard Authority banned two tanning brands from using faux filters on Instagram stories. Furthermore, the decision means to produce natural content on social media and the use of filters must be controlled.

However, this was the latest backlash influencers were recovering from, while Love Island stars Amber Gill, Laura Anderson, and Anton Danyluk, and fitness influencer Sheridan Mordew traveled to Dubai and posted pictures of their vacation promoting beauty products, while half of the fans were facing lockdown in the UK. The bashing results in Anderson in loss of 12000 followers due to controversy; however, Danyluk lost 1400 followers.  Moreover, this loss was nothing to them as they gained 150000 more followers for showcasing the glossy, glamorous side in the pictures.

However, Pallari is of the thinking that her campaign will be brought change overnight, she says It’s not like people aren’t aware of what I’m doing, but there’s an element of ‘they’re not bothered’ ‘I like using filters so what’s the big deal?’” she adds “I do think it’s going to change because people are craving to see the normal, but there’s also a huge percentage of people who aren’t ready for it.”

She comments that how filters are disrupting the mental health of girls “I passionately believe the filters are a huge contributing factor to the mental health issues of young girls – and anybody who wants to wear makeup. They’re looking at this face and comparing what they see in the mirror and thinking ‘Why doesn’t it [the product] work on me like that?’ and ‘Why do I look horrendous when they look so flawless?’”

Rahi Chadda agrees with Palari’s point of view along with Little Mix star Jesy Nelson however, many celebrities chimed in to support the cause.

Tina Craig, owner of her beauty line U beauty has also supported and agrees with Pallari as she thinks it will affect the self-esteem of people, she adds that plastic surgery for looking like an Instagram filter may drag insecurities in others.

Dazed & confused released a report last year on youth culture declaring “the end of the influencer” with only 6% of their audience influenced to buy something when it was posted by an influencer with over 100,000 followers. Director of Dazed Media “Buying stuff is not what’s important right now. It’s all about people who stand for something, beyond just trying to promote and push a product.”

However, Nicole Ocran with 28000 followers says that people engage more on posts during the pandemic. They say it keeps them going and moving forward in life.

Ocran and Farmiloe stated that brands are focusing on the influencers who have more voice rather than the ones attracted to money. Opinioned influencers are capable to cater more audiences than the ones who are working to earn money. 

When asking about the future of influencers from Palari she stated that the future may look like witnessing original human beings rather than alien on social media.