Iranian ship accused of being used as military base attack – Tehran

The Iranian FM confirmed that the Iranian ship has been used and deployed for military attack by the enemies. 

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The Iranian FM confirmed that the Iranian ship has been used and deployed for military attack by the enemies. 

The news came out after the incident in which the coast of Yemen has been attacked, in an incident that threatens to inflame the maritime proxy war between Iran and Israel. Moreover, MV Saviz was also attacked in the Red Sea a few days before. The Iran news agency seemed to pin the blame on Isreal. 

In a state TV report, an anchor cited a New York Times story, which quoted an anonymous US official telling the newspaper that Israel had informed the US it attacked the vessel on Tuesday morning. Israel responded by saying that it must defend and protect itself from the external powers. 

The targeting of the MV Savitz is the latest in a series of reported attacks on Israeli- or Iranian-owned cargo ships since late February, for which the two sides have each accused the other of being responsible.

US and Saudi analysis, however, asserts that the vessel is an important naval asset operated by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. It has increased its significance of the Iranian vessel. Briefing materials from the Saudi military obtained by the Associated Press also showed uniformed men on the Saviz, as well as a variety of antennas on the vessel that Riyadh described as unusual for a commercial cargo ship, suggesting it conducted electronic surveillance. Other images showed the ship had mounts for .50-calibre machine guns.

Israel, an ally of the US has conducted any attacks on Israel. It has also caused bombings in neighboring Syria, but it has not indicated if it has also been conducting strikes at sea. Iran also has blamed Israel for a recent series of attacks inside the country, including a mysterious explosion in July that destroyed an advanced centrifuge assembly plant at its Natanz nuclear facility.

The relations deteriorated more after the killing of Iranian nuclear scientists. Iran accused Iran of all the happenings.