Israel attacked Gaza Strip after ceasefire

Israel has launched attacks on Gaza Strip for the first time after the ceasefire.

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Israel has launched attacks on Gaza Strip for the first time after the ceasefire.

In response to the attack, the Palestinian group Hamas launched balloons on the Israel side from their territory. The flare-up in violence, the first test for Israel’s new government sworn in three days ago, followed a march in East Jerusalem on Tuesday by Jewish nationalists that had drawn threats of action by Hamas, the ruling militant group in Gaza.

The Israeli military has tried to target the sites where Hamas leaders used to meet and plan out attacks. Both sides were agreed to a ceasefire after a heavy request from the regional powers as it was threatening international peace.

Analysts say that the attack carried out by the Israeli forces was in response to the protest held by the Palestinians about the win of Naftali Bennett. The Palestinians paraded, enchanting slogans as ‘Arabs must die,’ as they are considered the helping hand in his winning of elections.

The United Nations deputy spokesperson Farhan Haq said UN officials had urged all sides to avoid “provocations” to solidify the unofficial Gaza truce.

Hamas had issued a statement calling on Palestinians to show “valiant resistance” to the march. It urged people to gather in the streets of the Old City and at al-Aqsa mosque to “rise in the face of the occupier and resist it by all means to stop its crimes and arrogance.”