Israel vows not to stop Gaza attacks

Israel has vowed not to stop Gaza attacks until there is complete silence.

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Israel has vowed not to stop Gaza attacks until there is complete silence.

The Israeli military has started attacks on Palestinians and the Islamist group Hamas. The Israeli military said it had killed four senior Hamas commanders and a dozen more Hamas operatives in a series of strikes. It said it had undertaken a “complex and first-of-its-kind operation” jointly with the Shin Bet security service.

Gaza has undergone civil war and the whole world is witnessing the atrocities. The Israeli military would use “increasing force”, he added.

The killings are likely to harden Hamas’s resolve to continue its rocket assaults on Israel. Both sides are launching rockets to escalate violence. Sirens sounded every few minutes on Wednesday afternoon in towns and communities close to the border. As the death toll from the most serious conflict between Israel and the Palestinians for nine years mounted throughout the day, international leaders called for restraint amid fears of a full-scale war.

Almost 48 people in Gaza have died including 14 children. The Muslim world is condemning the coward acts of the Israeli army and it is time for UNSC to take action. In the UK, Boris Johnson urged Israeli and Palestinian leaders to “step back from the brink”. Moreover, the US is the superpower now needs to adopt a stricter approach towards de-escalating the tensions.