Italy returns to strict lockdown for Easter

Italy is back to impose stricter lockdown for Easter.

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Italy is back to impose stricter lockdown for Easter.

The country is battling with the third wave with 20,000 new cases per day. People are not allowed to have dinner outside because all the restaurants and cafes are closed. Churches are also open, but worshippers are being told to attend services within their regions.

Many regions have been categorized as ‘red zones’ and ‘orange zones’ as per the number of cases. Italy has also blamed Europe for the surge in cases because of the delay in the vaccine rollout. More than 110,328 people in total have died of the coronavirus in Italy, and there have been 3.6 million confirmed infections.

Just over a year after Italy became the first western nation to be hit by a coronavirus epidemic. 2020 was the worst year faced by the first European country to contract the deadly virus. Free movement was restored in June, but Italy is now facing a third wave of Covid-19. On 1 April, it registered 23,634 new cases and 501 deaths.

The government has allocated 70,000 police officers to monitor the general public and to enforce the rules. Italy is still waiting for the timely vaccine rollout to stop the spread of the coronavirus as soon as possible.