Madagascar’s ‘green gold’ used as cure for Corona in Africa

A drink made from the green fern-like plant is considered as a cure against corona virus in African countries.

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A drink made from the green fern-like plant is considered as a cure against corona virus in African countries.

However, many researchers have claimed it to be dangerous and useless. Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina is the promoter-in-chief of the substance, labeled as COVID:19-Organics, and sold in the form of herbal medication. The plant has always changed history is curing many diseases. The Chief has distributed it in his Indian Ocean Island. Also, he has exported it to many parts of Africa too.

The East African countries of Tanzania and Comoros are among the customers of this herbal medication as well as Guinea-Bissau and Equatorial Guinea on the Atlantic coast. Guinea-Bissau President even made an offer of personally taking delivery of the products at the airport.

The plant has a great history in China for curing malaria. A Madagascar-based company, Bionexx, has been producing Artemisia since 2005 to fight malaria.

COVID-organics are being sold in bulks all over Africa. It is being sold for about 0 euro cents (35 US) for a 33-centiliter (11-ounce) bottle. In Senegal, it is being marketed with the name of ‘Green Lion.’ Since the epidemic is getting out of control, the demand for Artemisia is getting high. The sale of the product has increased to 15 folds.

Whereas the sales price has also been surged to two-third. Haoua Wardougou, an apothecary in a working-class district of the Chad capital N’Djamena said that “many customers want to buy it from me but unfortunately I’m out of stock.”

The drink is proven to cure malaria but no positive effects have been shown against corona. Both the World Health Organization (WHO) and Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have stressed on the empirical testing of substances for better result assessment. The South African authorities are handling over their stock to experts for analysis.

However, the western countries still doubt its reliability unless it shows some positive results against the disease.