Major newspaper and government websites down

Major news and government websites are technically down.

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Major news and government websites are technically down.

The official website of the UK and that of the US is also down. The Gov. UK is not opening and showing 503 service errors. All websites are showing Error 503 service unavailable.

Early reports have suggested it could be related to Fastly, a cloud computing provider, which underpins a lot of major websites. Fastly said it was looking into problems with its global content delivery network (CDN).

The company is looking for the fault. Not just that, the internet all over the world is not available. The issue, so far, seems to be technical. However, it could be because of other issues. In an error message posted just before 11 am BST Fastly said it was “currently investigating potential impact to performance with our CDN services.”

The official statement is yet to be issued by the tech and investigation agencies.