New vaccines needed globally within a year – scientists

Scientists believe that new vaccinations with modified formulas would be required every year globally.

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Scientists believe that new vaccinations with modified formulas would be required every year globally.

The coronavirus is getting stronger and coming out as variants. So, the already present vaccinations are ineffective to treat serious strains of the new virus. Therefore, the world would need new vaccines every year to fight the new variant of the virus. 

The first wave of corona comprised on a weak virus as compared to the later waves. Viruses multiplied and mutated, become more harmful and viral, as we have seen in the third wave today. “New mutations arise every day. Sometimes they find a niche that makes them more fit than their predecessors. These lucky variants could transmit more efficiently and potentially evade immune responses to previous strains,” said Gregg Gonsalves, associate professor of epidemiology at Yale University, in a statement.

Scientists have long stressed that a global vaccination effort is needed to satisfactorily neutralize the threat of Covid-19. This is due to the threat of variations of the virus – some more transmissible, deadly, and less susceptible to vaccines – that are emerging and percolating.

 Even a few of the vaccines present are not even efficient in curing the virus. Scientists will have to observe the phenomenon of mutation closely to make new vaccinations every year. with new vaccine will come fiscal and economic issues in the world. Half of the countries in the world are unable to buy vaccinations as of today. Hence, it would be tough for poor countries to manage pandemics in the coming years. 

Meanwhile, resource-rich countries like the UK and US have administered at least one vaccine dose to more than a quarter of their populations. The virus has created the already existing inequality to another level of inequality. However, the poor countries approximately have 1% of their populations vaccinated. Some countries are yet to administer their first dose.

The urgency of the matter requires collective research from the high-end institutes of the world. Technology and advancement would be the only companion in this regard. The rich countries must start working on the vaccine able to kill the new variant before it’s too late. Also, the rich countries must openly share their technology and intellectual property with poor countries to boost production. It is a global urgency hence requires global and collective action.