Norway bow-and-arrow suspect in care amid mental health concerns

Norway bow and arrow guy is in health care amid mental health concerns.

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Norway bow and arrow guy is in health care amid mental health concerns.

The bow and arrow guy has reportedly killed five people with bows and arrows and other weapons. He is now under mental care because of a suspicion of being a lunatic. 

Doubts have been raised about whether Bråthen, 37, who police said was a Muslim convert with multiple petty crime and drug convictions who had once been flagged for suspected radicalization, can be held legally responsible for the attack.

A psychiatric evaluation which could last several months began on Thursday. The Norwegian security service PST has said the attack “currently appears to be an act of terror”, but has stressed that only a full investigation can establish Bråthen’s motive.

NRK reported that Bråthen had several previous convictions for robbery and drugs offenses, and was last year handed a six-month restraining order banning him from approaching two close family members after he threatened to kill one of them.

Four women and one managed between 50 and 70 were killed and three other people, including an off-duty police officer, were injured in the attack on Wednesday evening in the town of Kongsberg, 41 miles (66km) south-west of Oslo.

The attacks started in a supermarket and continued over “a large area” of the town, police said, lasting about 35 minutes before Bråthen, armed with a competition bow and arrows and other weapons reportedly including a knife, was arrested.