One killed in Iran’s water crisis protest

One man has been killed in Iran’s water crisis protest.

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One man has been killed in Iran’s water crisis protest.

People have been protesting against the water shortage in South-West Iran. An official in Khuzestan province said the protester was accidentally hit by people who were firing in the air, according to state news agency IRNA.

The cause of death of that person is said to be security reasons. Iran is facing a severe drought, and there is growing public anger over water and power shortages.

The man has been identified as a member of the ethnic Arab minority that is based in Khuzestan, located on the border with Iraq. Opposition media based outside the country say he was killed by the security forces, with reports that they opened fire on the demonstrations. The videos of the protest have been circulating the social media.

The water crisis has devastated agriculture and livestock farming and led to electricity blackouts. Earlier this month, protests broke out in several cities across the country.

Iran’s economy is crippling due to the US sanctions. It will be granted relief once Iran agrees to shut down its nuclear program.