Online hate against Asian Americans spiked this year – Survey

Online hate against Asian Americans surged this year as per a survey.

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Online hate against Asian Americans surged this year as per a survey.

Asians have the highest rate of being harassed and bullied online. Anti-Defamation League’s annual survey displayed these results. The racist indents of Asian Americans rose to the height. Moreover, it has been rising in coming years. Half of them were harassed due to race and identity. However, the survey showed that the harassment rate decreased from last year to 55%.

Though Asian Americans saw the highest jump, LGBTQ+ respondents reported the most severe harassment of all groups, at 52%, followed by Muslims (36%) and then respondents identifying as female (29%).

African Americans saw the most significant increase in race-based online hate from 42% last year to 59% this year. The report also cited the one such incident of Georg Floyd’s killing. A ton of derogatory posts popped up after the murder of Floyd against Asian Americans. The highest rates of online hate, however, were experienced by LGBTQ+ respondents, who—with 64% reporting harassment—led as the community facing the most online attacks for the third year in a row. 

The research report came after the countrywide protests happening after the George Floyd killing and Black lives movement. Other than that, many other similar events in the past days including the killing of 6 Asian people. With the onset of the pandemic, the discrimination has reached another level. Research released last week by reporting forum Stop AAPI Hate showed nearly 3,800 incidents such as shunning, slurs, and physical attacks between March 2020 and February of this year. That’s a significant increase from the 1,200 reported over five months before the pandemic last year.