Pak Afgan Tensions

Pak Afgan Tensions

With not really friendly past experiences, with tensions upon boundary demarcation- Durand Line, a country blames Pakistan for being sole responsible

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With not really friendly past experiences, with tensions upon boundary demarcation- Durand Line, a country blames Pakistan for being sole responsible of her devastating condition due to war and hence conflict of ideas when it comes to support capitalism vs communism; Pakistan despite of showing willingness seemed to have remained unable to sort the issue and make peace with her neighbors.

India on the other hand is considered as a ‘universal rival’ of Pakistan. Who is growing economically and claiming to gain regional hegemony in near future; Pakistan tackles her aggressive moves swiftly like that of February’s Pulwama Attacks. Imperatively India ought to have focus on her domestic challenges if the State really desire to emerge as one of the game changers in the region; instead of focusing upon military power to both Pakistan and China. Presently when United States of America is making certain moves to boost her economy unlike Obama and Bush; India might be achieving her dreams of attaining optimal economic development in the country until and unless the State has got some serious choices to make. For instance, the nature of her relations with China versus her relations with US, matters when it comes to compete in the region where China has already been emerged as a game changer in terms of economy.

Afghanistan comparatively is a country with the weakest economic resources and strongest elements of waging extreme violent war in the region. A country that has been facing ‘leadership dilemma’ where leader has remained busy in promoting regional separatism and stringent Pashtun Ideologies, who has been the prominent exporter of violence and is the huge importer of war. The country might be identified as the most vulnerable state with the highest possibilities of hazardous happenings in seconds or so.

Historically Afghanistan has remained a semi or under sovereign State unable to fight for her sovereignty rather has remained focus upon power balance within few groups in the country. These groups armed by foreign manipulators, aimed at pursuing their own political interests. For instance, in Afghanistan country remained to be divided into a group of leaders seek to build discourses against Pakistan and her military by spreading such vibes in KP. On the other hand, Afghanistan’s Hazara minority to be threatened and manipulated against Iran in order to drag her into the situation Afghanistan is going through.

Pakistan being an arbitrary State ought to have refurbished her diplomatic ties with Afghanistan and her Taliban’s. Pakistan should now be focusing more on the other side of the story that focuses largely upon ‘table talks’ and negotiations. Afghanistan is a failed state with lack of or no sovereignty since long, therefore the role of Pakistan should be diplomatic in terms of negotiating Hazara community’s rights under the New Afghan Regime will be protected; improving Afghan-Iran ties. Likewise, the rights of Tajiks of Afghanistan to be claimed and protected under New Afghan Regime, representing Sunni Muslim section and Persians. The quadrilateral group including China, US, Russia and Pakistan should now be more practical in terms of negotiating ‘peace talks’ with Afghanistan and her New Afghan Taliban’s. As Afghanistan is a country who has nothing to lose more and can do anything to fight for her land; situation like these could be worrisome for her neighboring countries in the region. Therefore, in this quagmire the role of Pakistan is seemed to have central position; should be playing wisely.