Pakistan Observed ‘Kashmir Hour’ After Friday Prayer Today

All Pakistanis observed Kashmir Hour today in solidarity with the people of Kashmir after Friday Prayer from 12:00 till 12:30 PM.

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All Pakistanis observed Kashmir Hour today in solidarity with the people of Kashmir after Friday Prayer from 12:00 till 12:30 PM.

Each and every educational institute whether college, schools or universities, public offices, lawyers came out in solidarity with Kashmir at noon. All the traffic signals turned red and remained same for half an hour on appeal made by Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Various rallies were involved too, of people from different professions all over the country. Political leaders and Pakistani media/ TV persons were also part of the rally. Sindh Governor Imran Ismail, Baluchistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan and Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar were also the part of Kashmir Hour.

The main event took place outside the Prime Minister’s Office PMO where a huge gathering of Pakistanis was present to show the world that each and every individual of Pakistan feels for Kashmiris losing their life daily. PM’s assistant Firdous Ashiq Awan was also present among the event. The event started with Pakistan’s and Kashmir’s National Anthem, outside PMO. The prime minister addressed to the public having faith in student, lawyer, office men and whatever the profession is, stands whole heartedly with Kashmiris and have sympathies for them.

It was further stated that Kashmir is going through a tough time. A severe violation of fundamental human rights has been seen where no such action has been taken by the international communities. The agenda on which the Indian government is working is same like the moto which was introduced by Nazi’s over Germany. Their ideology is based on as to teach Muslims a lesson in order to satisfy personal grudges based on religious differences.

The Prime Minister Imran Khan has clearly warned the international Communities that if no action has been taken by authorities against fascist ideology adopted by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, then the world will face the utmost consequences.  The purpose stated of observing Kashmir Hour was to stand in support with the people of Kashmir since their independent status is at stake.

At the very same time, another event took place today where the president Dr. Arif Alvi addressed the crowd at Aiwan-e-Saddar. He said that I wish that we see an independent Kashmir with no violation of rights, no rape of women and no killings of individuals, during our life time.

The plan was proposed by Prime Minister of Pakistan. The Railway department also contributed to it. The Punjab government had additionally issued a ‘Friday Plan’ as a part of Kashmir Mobilization Campaign starting with remaining in regard of the nation’s national anthem. Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar and Chief Minister Usman Buzdar were planned join the protest at Charing Cross.

ISPR Director General Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor had asked the youngsters, especially students, to go to the Kashmir Hour occasions to express solidarity with Kashmiris.

All Pakistani’s took part in the event today. The traffic was blocked for half-an hour and every individual holding Pakistan’s and Kashmir’s flag came on the roads. Colorful and thoughtful placards were also seen in the hands of Pakistani’s.