PM launches TV Channel to Educate Children at Home

Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched a TV channel to educate children staying at home in this current lockdown.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched a TV channel to educate children staying at home in this current lockdown.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has announced this news lately. He has launched Tele Television for educating children. Moreover, the channel will be aired in all areas of Pakistan. Furthermore, he mentioned that the channel will also benefit the children living in remote areas. The Tele channel was launched in the Federal Capital of Pakistan. In addition to that, the channel will continue until the end of the corona outbreak.

PM urged all provincial governments to utilize all their resources in the betterment of the channel. Also, he appreciated the efforts of the Ministry of education and Professional Training of Pakistan. Furthermore, he said that every government official must join hands for the betterment of the channel.

The motive behind the launch of the channel is to provide education to children at the doorstep. All schools and educational institutions are shut down due to increased corona pandemic. The students are facing so much loss in their educational career.

By stressing on the cause, PM pointed out so many complaints of the low standard of education in his home constituency. Mianwali is a remote area and home constituency of PM Imran Khan. The standard of education has always been lower at such places. Hence, this initiative will help those remote area children to get an education.

In addition to that, PM told that Tele Channel will help parents in educating their children. Moreover, it will also help children who are dropped out of school. The Ministry of Education refers to the statistics told that over 20 million children are not enrolled at schools in Pakistan. Furthermore, Pakistan has just 60 % of its literacy rate since the last 70 years. Adding to this, this 60% includes those who only know to write their names only.

In this hour of dire need, the launch of Tele Television is a great opportunity to acquire education. Not only that, but it also provides acquisition through mobile phones.

Furthermore, Tele television will broadcast educational content from 8 in the morning till 6 in the evening. Moreover, it will broadcast the syllabus of classes from 1 to 12. Meaning thereby, that it covers from primary till intermediate level. Furthermore, the channel will be available on satellite, terrestrial and cable.

Also, the Ministry of Education has set up the syllabus schedule for the channel too. Moreover, the morning session will show contents for junior students, including subjects like English, Urdu, Math and General Science. However, the evening session will be for senior students.

It is on another good initiative taken by the Government of Pakistan keeping in view the epidemic. We hope that this initiative fulfills the cause for which it is being taken. Also, it is a great step to improve the literacy rate of Pakistan. Moreover, it will help children all over Pakistan to learn something. However, nobody knows how much time this epidemic will take to end. Hence, the loss of education must not to be ignored.