Rabi Pirzada Scandal

Singer Rabi Pirzada’s personal photos were leaked and uploaded on social media which has spread like wildfire all over, victimizing her.

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Singer Rabi Pirzada’s personal photos were leaked and uploaded on social media which has spread like wildfire all over, victimizing her.

Some questioned the validness of the videos and thought of their own paranoid fears about who could be behind all this. None of that matters. Regardless of whether those videos are genuine and whether their spread could be justified in any way. Regardless of whether she truly made them or for what reasons, is likewise no one’s matter of fact; she is qualified for sexual protection simply like some other open or private figure. Being a celebrity does not actually excludes her from such protection of private stuff.

What makes a difference is that they were without consent leaked all over the social media and weaponized against her. We need to put a conclusion to the victim accusing attitude and put the disgrace where it has a place, with the guilty party as per electronic crime, for example, this, not the unfortunate incident whose protection was abused.

Also, she is an unfortunate case here. The spread of private videos or photographs without theirconsent or willingness leads an individual to great trouble, mental torture, damage to reputation and also loss at work. In a nation like Pakistan, where women facing such kind os sexual issues or are linked to any scandal defaming them, can bring “disrespect” to the family, and can have considerably increasingly hazardous outcomes.

Regardless of whether her videos and photos were leaked as a grudge or out of enmity or sometimes could be just to let other person down doesn’t change the way that releasing private individual information without consent of its proprietor implies to a crime under Pakistani laws. To be more specific, a crime, under the 2016 Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act. Not only that, a whole new legal proceedings can take place against the guity along with proper investigation held by cyber crime wing and Federal Investigation Agency FIA.

It is likewise profoundly upsetting that even now, over 24 hours after the fact, men via social media networking sites and other modes of media, are still straightforwardly requesting and sharing her videos and photos, gathering and exchanging them like Pokemon cards, and hashtags are immersed with connections to download. The outflow of artificial shock is especially deceptive; the individuals who look for and watch the videos are no longer innocent who are openly disgracing and criticizing Pirzada for making them in any case.

In her most recent tweet since the occurrence, Pirzada has composed that whoever covers the issues and sins of another, God will do likewise for them on the Day of Judgment. Quit sharing the leaked information. Report those posts. Rather than disgracing and good policing her, start getting out the culprit who abused her consent and spread such stuff.

We’re trusting Pirzada is remaining solid notwithstanding such ghastly misuse and intensely condemn such misuse of her personal stuff. It is not the first case in Pakistan which has become the center of shame on social media websites. Not only that, in majority cases, women were the victims of this breach of privacy. Back in this year, more than one Pakistani cricketer were abused of harassing a girl by exposing his private conversation in form of screenshots. It has become a matter of fun for all. One uploads and the rest shares and enjoys the damaged reputation of the victim.