Ransomware hackers steal upcoming Apple product plans

Ransomware hackers have stolen upcoming plans for Apple products.

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Ransomware hackers have stolen upcoming plans for Apple products.

A group of cybercriminals stole confidential plans from Apple. The “Sodin” group, which makes and runs a piece of ransomware called REvil, says it stole the plans from Quanta Computer, a Taiwanese company that assembles several Apple laptops.

Cybercriminals have encrypted the files and asked for ransom to recover the data. However, the Sodin has taken one step further by attempting to steal files and extort payments. Moreover, it has also threatened the company to publish back up of confidential data. 

The hackers claim that among the stolen documents are plans for a pair of Apple laptops, a new Apple Watch, and a new Lenovo ThinkPad. To back up their assertions, they have posted a set of blueprints for some products, including schematics for the new iMacs that the company launched on Tuesday.

Not just Apple, but Acer also fell victim to ransomware hackers. The criminals demanded $50M in exchange for deleting files. 

Already, internet users have begun to pore over the details of the leaks, noting differences with the current models on sale: a new version of the MacBook Pro is shown without the company’s controversial “Touch Bar”, for instance, and a potential return of HDMI ports, SD card readers and MagSafe connectivity to the machine.