Raw Milk can lead to several Food-Borne Diseases – Study Reveals

A study has revealed that drinking raw milk may cause several water-borne diseases.

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A study has revealed that drinking raw milk may cause several water-borne diseases.

Cow milk is considered to be the healthiest and nutritious drink. The majority of people like to consume it in raw form without boiling. However, the study conducted in the US revealed that it might trigger several food-borne diseases. Moreover, it causes severe bacterial infections.

The research collected 2000 milk samples from different parts of the US. The samples included raw and pasteurized milk. It was found that raw milk had the highest prevalence of antibiotic-resistant microbes when left at room temperature.

Bacteria with antimicrobial-resistant genes, if passed to a pathogen, have the potential to become “superbugs.” Hence, no pharmaceutical drug can effectively treat those bacteria. As per the disease control center, more than 3 million people get infected with such a disease. Moreover, a ratio of 35,000 people dies every year.

The researchers also stated that the purpose of this study is not to scare people. Rather raise awareness. If you want to drink cow’s milk, then make sure to refrigerate it first to minimize the risk of bacteria. Or else simply boil before consuming it.

“Our study shows that with any temperature abuse in raw milk, whether intentional or not, it can grow these bacteria with antimicrobial resistance genes.” “It’s not just going to spoil. It’s high risk if not handled correctly.”