Road to Makkah

Road to Makkah

‘Road to Makkah’ Project to be started in Islamabad within two to three days On Monday 1st July 2019, Saudi Arabia has launched her Road to Makkah

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Road to Makkah’ Project to be started in Islamabad within two to three days

On Monday 1st July 2019, Saudi Arabia has launched her Road to Makkah Project in order to facilitate Pilgrims from Pakistan. The project has launched at Islamabad airport as team from Saudi Arabia arrived on Monday to facilitate the Pilgrims in Immigration process.

This project was announced by Saudi Arabia in which the State has committed to facilitate Pilgrims from Pakistan and from various other countries including Malaysia and Indonesia in Immigration process. The facilitation will be started off from the country of origin which prevents pilgrims from long waiting of around 10 to 12 hours on arriving Saudi Arabia. The Spokesperson from Ministry of Religious Affairs has reported earlier that 90 percent of Pakistani Pilgrims will experience customs and immigration services on Islamabad airport. This will help them in saving their times and energies at their arrival on Saudi Arabia’s airport. Previously, Pilgrims from across the globe had to wait for immigration at Saudi airport for longer time periods. Now Saudi Arabia has launched this project to facilitate Pilgrims arriving at Saudi Arabia for Hajj.

This project is therefore focuses upon the Pilgrims and their immigration before leaving for Hajj by Saudi personnel at Islamabad airport. This project has also launched in Malaysia and Indonesia for the same purpose. The apparatus necessary for the immigration has already been set up while 10 special counters have been established. Saudi and Pakistani personnel will start the process from Thursday. Both the authorities of the countries, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, will screen the documents and luggage along with their immigration process at Islamabad airport. The luggage of Pilgrims will reach at the place of their stay in Saudi Arabia and also saves their time from wait of long hours. The project is at its pilot phase this year and therefore this service will only be available to the Pilgrims travelling from Islamabad airport. If this pilot phase becomes successful then the same facility will be launched at Karachi and Lahore airport as well from next year.

Presently, this project will be able to facilitate 20,000 Pilgrims. The spokesperson from the Ministry of Religious Affairs have reported that Ministry have started issuing e-visas to Pilgrims and established around ten haj camps across the country so far. The spokesperson of Ministry of Religious Affairs Noor-ul-Haq Qadri on 2nd July 2019 has announced that government will be reimbursing amount to the Pilgrims. The amount to be reimbursed ranges from 25000 to 58,000Rs pertaining to the bookings of inexpensive residential blocks, transportation and rest of the other expenses. Additionally Cabinet has decided to divide supplementary quota announced by Saudi Arabia. The quota comprises of 4,316 people under the government Hajj scheme. This will be awarded with the help of transparent balloting. This year total 200,000 pilgrims will perform hajj out of which 123,316 pilgrims will perform hajj under the government scheme.

Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan Special Assistant to Prime Minster on Information, while in the meeting on July 2nd added that government intends to process the scandal free hajj arrangements for pilgrims this year and will try her level best to ensure favorable arrangements for pilgrims during hajj.